Christopher Walken makes it cool

by jasmijns

Finally. A campaign starring my favorite actor, Christopher Walken.
Christopher Walken appeared in more than 100 movies, but no campaign films.
For JACK&JONES he made an exception ..

walken in jack & Jones spot IIHIH

This new campaign film called ‘Made from Cool’ is custome-made for the actor.

‘Christopher Walken represents style rather than fashion, and his acting performances are first class craft.’ Winnie Andersen, head designer of Premium.

Premium, a sub brand of JACK & JONES, has grown bigger, makes high quality clothing and uses original workmanships. Still, not many people know this sub brand, that’s the reason ‘Made from cool’ was released.

I think the campaign is truly inspiring. Not only Christopher Walken takes this campaign to a whole new level with his acting skills, I think the message he sends is truly something we should all be aware off.
There are more campaign movies but I think this is my favorite.

We should all learn that the fast fashion industry is killing brands like these. Brands who work with real materials and people who make more money than less than the minimum. We all go shopping and when we see a shirt for 4.95 we think, well we can’t argue about that. But we should do!! A shirt costing less than 25/30 euro’s isn’t right!
There are more and more ideas about clothing and how to make the industry more fair.
But is there really a solution?
You can’t make a difference on your own.

jack & Jones walken ad 5 IIHIH