by jasmijns

A few weeks ago I saw this inspiring movie from the last runway show of Rick Owens.
For his last collection, Rick Owens uses female models, which we are not used to see on a runway. These women are real, with curves.

Not only their bodies are real.
Their facial expressions show me strength, they dance, they clap, they are alive!

It looks like these women are going to take over the world.

The reason why I remembered this show was the new cover of GQ Australian, introducing the local and beautiful plus size model Robyn Lawley.

“I’ve got big hips and a big body. I’m double, triple the size of other models – and I embrace that, I own it,” 


I truly believe that within a couple of years, more and more models become ‘plus size’.
We don’t have to starve ourselves anymore, because a body like Barbie isn’t our norm anymore.
Maybe we want the whole wide world to be true? No more Photoshop, no more women who spend their whole day in the gym, no more lies.
We want to see real women, with a body similar to ours.