Month: April, 2015

When do we get this in the Netherlands?


Last Monday it was kings day! Meaning lots of fun, food, drinks, music and drunk people. It also means lots of people who need a toilet. I think I saw at least 15 ‘male parts’ because everyone was peeing everywhere. No toilet around? Let’s do it on the street so everybody can watch. And please, try not to laugh because they will play with it when you do ..

When is the water resistance wall coming to the Netherlands? Let’s spray it on everything!



Length, weight, body type, send

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.40.58 AMYoutube

Ordering your clothes online is great. It isn’t that great for all the offline stores and all the city centres that used to be full with people and all different kind of stores. That’s probably why lot’s of people still want to try the clothes in the stores and then buy them online. Going to the store to get the right size is history as well because there’s now an app who helps you get clothes perfect for your body type and tells you what size you really are. The app called ‘Fitbay‘ is easy to use. You make your own account, you fill in your length, weight and body type and you get all the clothes suggestions you need based on people with the exact same body. You’re able to send each other pictures, this way you know what size of each brand you look best in. In the end they want to make a ‘photo book’ with all clothes available online. Which is very handy and clever!


My baby has alzheimer, yours?



Having a baby must be super exciting. The feeling something is growing inside you must be mind blowing. You start fantasising what the baby will look like, are you getting a boy or a girl? Is he or she a real rocket scientist or an artist who makes paintings known all over the world? It sounds like an exciting time but also a scary one. What about health and the state of mind ..

It’s already possible to get a good check of you child’s health when your baby is just born. Lot’s of diseases are can be discovered so early in their lives that some of them can be controlled and easy to live with. But now, thanks to all scientific developments it will be possible to predict your child’s health. Big question is, do we really want that?

Scientist now are able to give a full report of someone genome. The genome is a description for all of the DNA that is in a living organism. They bring out the full genome of people who are suffering diseases and they try to find out which genetic factors might be the cause. Or they try to find out why some people got really really old and stayed healthy. Of course this is quite expensive but they think this will change in the near future. In a few years it’s about 900 euro’s to get a full image of the genome of your new born child.

I think it’s great some diseases can be discovered early in life. However, some of them aren’t necessary to know when you’re just a baby I think. Scary thing, they can also ‘see’ some of your characteristics. As a parent knowing you get a child who can’t concentrate or is really shy. You give your child probably an other education and that’s really wrong. I think. A child should discover who he or she is. It shouldn’t be told to you form a test.

Curious what this means for me and my children in the future. Do I already know them when they aren’t born yet? What will time and money give us?


What would you choose?


We live in a world where you can buy haute couture for 2,99. Maybe I have to say “haute couture”, because we all know those clothes for 2,99 are literally gone after two times in a washing machine. On the other hand, clothes that are more expensive stay with you a lifetime. Sometimes, when I get bored I go shopping. I want to go out that night and I just want a new t shirt. I don’t want to spend lots of money because I’m a student and I just want a simple shirt. When I take a good look in my closet I count at least 25 t shirts between 5 and 15 euro’s. I don’t wear them anymore because they are ‘out of fashion’, got ugly after a few weeks or I didn’t even knew I had them anymore because there are so many ..

Why not spend money on 5 good items.  Items I would still wear today. 5 items that are not made by poor people somewhere in the world who work 16 hours a day for a few cents each hour. I discussed this with my mom and she said, you are totally right, but are you sure other brands are honest about how their clothes are made? And by who?
No, I guess not. But we have to start somewhere! Maybe make my own clothes or go to really really green and organic shops? No I’m kidding, there are plenty enough shops where you can buy good and honest clothes. And they are really trendy right now. But why are there still so many people who just don’t give a sh*t?

Let’s stop shopping for 2 euro items, save money and buy one special item each month.

What would you do? Buy the t shirt or donate the money?


Please don’t be vegan, please don’t be vegan, please don’t be vegan

Jamie Foxx sings tinder profiles. When you’re planning to go on Glimps, maybe take a look and decide what definitely nót to sing.


Prom kings



Or was I wrong and can a straight guy ask a gay friend to go to prom and the whole world loves it?

“He’s my best friend, and a real man given the fact he has the guts to fulfill my gay student council dream of always helping out planning dances, and never getting asked. I couldn’t ask for a better person in my life, Thank you Jacob, can’t wait for May 2nd!”

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/24/gay-best-friend-promposal-anthony-martinez_n_7132960.html

Maybe not ..

Last week I was so happy with Finland and there new school system. I thought, things really are going to change. But of course, Hong Kong thinks different ..


Since i’ve traveled a bit and talked with people with all kinds of background I know school doesn’t mean the same for each person. I do know the pressure to get into a good university, high school, primary school and even kindergarten in the Netherlands is high. But this is nothing compared to the interview classes for ‘the nursery interview’ from Hong Kong.
It all starts when the kids are one and a half years old, yes 1,5. When I was 1,5 I was chilling with my mom and learning to say my own name. Because parents believe that it all starts with a good kindergarten and from that point a great future lays a head, companies now started to give interview lessons to 1 and 2 year olds. They learn the candidates how to introduce themselves, how to play and even all the different kinds of fruit because they will be asked to identify them.

What does this cost the parents? Well, nearly a quarter of the medium monthly household income. You do live for your kids though right?

The interview questions are getting harder and harder. And of course every nursery is looking for different things. Here’s an example of a question for the cute toddlers.


The little ones are asked to tell what type of eggs these are. I mean, seriously? How do you teach a 1 year old with a normal set of brains who probably just wants to play what type of eggs these are?
And that’s not all of it, they have to make good eye contact, say thank you when they are offered a sweet, of course not take too many because that is a real deal breaker. Same for being shy. I love children who are a bit shy. Give them a smile and they open up a bit. I hate 3 year old kids who are telling other kids what to do. But in Hong Kong your arrogant kiddie is going places.

What am I trying to say .. I think it’s not healthy to take your kid to an interview class for kindergarten. Maybe it’s because I’m not a mom and I have no idea how hard it is. But no, I don’t like it. Talk about pressure. If there are that few kindergarten schools in Hong Kong, why not build a few more? Same here in the Netherlands. I have friends who don’t have a job but studied pedagogy for 4 years. It creates jobs, it will become cheaper for parents and kids don’t have to pretend someone they aren’t.

Because like Jenny from a kindergarten in Hong Kong says: ‘Confident children, who answer questions put to them, will generally score more highly. Being shy is a disadvantage, even at one-and-a-half.’
Meaning they won’t get in anyway?



The world we live in. A world where man can be feminine and women go to work to make money for the family. A world where gender shouldn’t be a big deal anymore. They say. I just want to make a few things clear for myself.

I saw this new video clip of Conchita, the guy with a beard, I’m quite surprised people are shocked by his/her nakedness. To be honest, I was a bit too. Maybe just because I liked the mystery, even though I knew what Conceit biologically is. What I’m trying to say is we’re not used to ‘non-gender’ human beings yet.


On the other hand, I have this feeling every man wants to be a man again and wants to show this to the whole wide world. They all stopped shaving themselves, got tattoo’s and are allowed to drink beer at diner. Butchers are back in business and everybody brews their own beer at home.

Why do we say the line between man and women is getting thinner and thinner? Because it doesn’t feel this way. Maybe we mean the fact guys are now taking care of themselves is feminine? I mean, they all go to the barbershop. But you need a beard and tattoo’s to get in.

But there are also websites where man can buy some cream or even make up. It just doesn’t mak sense yet. Or are these two different developments? Do they respond to each other? O there’s a new lotion for men, okay let’s stop taking a shower at all?


I really want to find out the answer. Let’s find some more articles ..


Meet the locals, taste the culture


Are you traveling and definitely in the mood for the real people, food and experiences a country or city has to offer? Than sign up now because withlocals is finally coming to the Netherlands. With local connects people trough food and unique experiences. They say it’s a peer to peer marketplace where local people offer experiences and their skills to travellers.

How does it work? On their website you can enter as a host or a traveller. When you are a traveller you have to let your host know your coming at least 14 days before the experience date. Same for your payment. Yes you have to pay..
This made me think. We have crowdfunding, couch surfing, free workplaces, sites to find a local buddy who will show you a city and so on all for free! Why are people okay with paying for an experience from withlocals when they can also get it for free? It’s a community site that connects people. Fantastic! But are people going back to pay? When I’m honest to myself I have to say yes. Sleeping on someones couch I don’t know is a little bit to extreme for me. I know lot’s of people do it and it’s totally safe and all, but no, it’s not for me. When I have to pay for an experience, even though it’s at someones home, I immediately assume it’s safe, controlled and 100% worth the money. Just one thing, the experience has to be good, super good. I once paid lots of money in South Africa for a cooking lesson. Afterwards, I wished I gave the money to the people on the street and asked a chef in a local restaurant to teach me some recipes.


So, when the experiences are the way they should be, I think this is an amazing concept! Perfect for people like me who aren’t THAT adventures. I’m looking forward to sleeping in a cave or have a barbeque on top of a New York city building!

What have I been eating 23 years?

About 2 years ago the first big food scandals were published. For example, my tender steak supposed to come from the but of a cow also included some elements from a horse. Another one that made me laugh a bit were the fried squids, they sometimes got confused with the anus of a pig. Nevertheless, this is old news. Last week I was quite surprised by the tv show called ‘Keuringsdienst van waarde’ about the fact that meat sold to be lamb is actually most of the times from a grown up sheep. Which of course is ridiculous because you pay a lot more money for the little cute lamb chops. They said when is a lamb not a lamb anymore? By the age of 1 year, 1 year and a week? Or when the animals don’t look that cute anymore? All I thought was: when is this going to stop? When is the food industry finally transparent? No more secrets. I’m quite scared whats hidden in my food sometimes and I have a good reason too. Funny thing, I still eat everything! Even though I know it isn’t what they say it is.

Last Thursday the same show did some research about my favourite food when I was a child. Snails. The famous escargots,  of course drenched in garlic, are supposed to come from France. But now it seems they switch houses sometimes, snails from a can are ‘fake’ and you won’t notice any difference with the snails from your garden.

Some people say, we live in a world where we all want to know everything and that’s a good thing. We have the right to know what we eat and drink. I sometimes think, are we ready for the truth? The truth truth. Is there anything left to eat and drink if we really know what’s in it? Why do people still buy food they know it’s not good for them? If you want good food and good food only you should grow your own kitchen garden and have some animals walking around and be your own butcher. Programs like these are great because we have a right to know the truth. The only thing is, what do we do with this information?