A health thing, I hope ..

by jasmijns

This thing happened, a thing I thought I would never do. Talking about it alone makes me feel like a girl who is really focused on her diet and most of the time, I don’t really like those kinds of girls.

Sugar free. Sugar free. Sugar free.

I ate sugar free for an entire week. Yes, 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes no sugar. Sugar free breakfast, sugar free lunch and a sugar free diner. No chocolate or cookies but also no cheese, bread, tea, and actually all pre-packaged food. And let’s not forget this, no alcohol. I know it’s a thing now and everyone is more and more aware of the things we eat, but I never thought sugar to be in so many products. I mean, normal cracker why is there sugar in it? It opened my eyes, and my naïve behaviour towards food I think. What sugar does with my body isn’t okay. I really felt a need, an urge to eat and drink sugar. I lost weight and okay, I might have felt a little bit better after that week. But an entire sugar free diet for the rest of my life isn’t going to happen.

After one week I had enough and I started to eat ‘normal’ again. Well, I didn’t go back where I ended before. I eat more basis sugar free products now and try to eat 1 sugar free meal a day.

It’s just, I’m wondering. Is this a health thing? An urge for perfection? We have super foods, fashion chicks became fit girls and we all want to post as many as possible ‘healthy food’ on our instagram and Facebook accounts.

Maybe that’s the motivation. We share everything. We share our morning run on Facebook, our healthy lunch banana pancakes on instagram and maybe sneek a picture of our abs in the evening on snap chat.

Why did I do it then? I hope it was purely a health thing. I wanted to feel more energy. And maybe look better?