Look vs see

by jasmijns

Another development! Meat, what are we going to do with our meat system. We want to know things like; where does it come from? Were the animals treated okay? What did they eat during their supposing short life? I went to see a documentary about meat. Where our meat comes from and how the animals were treated during the breeding process.


Marijn Frank, the maker of this documentary has a history in the food industry. She worked for ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’. They examine whether products are what they pretend to be. Most of the time products were not even close to what they should be. Like crab salad or the snails from France that actually came out our own garden. Marijn asks herself why she still feels the need to eat meat while she saw how it was produced. Is she addicted to meat?

That specific question caught my attention. I saw YouTube videos showing chickens being shred in little pieces while still being alive when they went in the machine. And STILL I eat a chicken nugget when I’m at a birthday party. Why is this possible? What goes wrong inside my head?

I’m not proud to tell but it works the same with my clothes. I saw documentaries showing manufactories in Bangladesh where my H&M clothes come from. I saw the people working 18 hours a day so I can wear a 5-euro top that I’ll probably wear one time. Do I need to see things with my own eyes? Do I really need to kill a cow once in my life to respect meat more?
Am I really that used to cheap food and clothes? Like there is no way back?