Netflix and chill?

by jasmijns

Homeland, Breaking bad, House of Cards, Suits. It’s sounds like a Saturday evening with your friends on the couch. We don’t ask, are you coming over for a movie? No, it’s Netflix and chill now.

Less movies, more and better series. Something I noticed a while ago.. When was the last time I went to the movies? It seems series are taking over. At least, in my opinion. Sites like HBO and Netflix are more and more popular. And it seems not for their movies. Everyone I know only watches series and maybe when they have an entire day off they watch a movie. Funny thing because nobody watches just one episode so the amount of time they spend doesn’t make any difference.

Why is it so popular? Is it their series? And what about is it about with series? Do we like the fact we really get to know characters, maybe empathise with them and we recognise situations or ourselves?


A few days ago I saw an article about the ‘true crime genre’ and it’s popularity. Think about series like ‘making a murder’. Why is this so popular? Is it because we are seeking for transparency? This development has been here for a while now. This could be an expression of it. Our search for ‘the truth’. We don’t want to be told what to think and we like the confrontation between a powerful government and an ‘innocent’ citizen. Taking control of our own lives is a development that is also here for quite a while.

Nevertheless, Netflix knows what we want and they created the Netflix switch!