When your mother was young, we eat bird food because we thought it was healthy! Can you believe it?

by jasmijns

After my setback about super foods I started to do some research and I found this article that pretends superfood isn’t a protected title. Meaning companies can call a chocolate bar super food. And that’s exactly what happened.

Gouden windei’, a price from foodwatch you’re not happy to receive as a food producer. The ‘superfood’ cranberries from Albert Heijn are voted to be the most misleading product of 2015. The cranberries exist for 68% from added syrup and for just 30% actually from cranberries. Sugars are being sold as ‘superfood’. Not cool, especially when you think you’re eating sugar free .. Check my previous post about my sugar free week!

But what are super foods? I mean, we can’t seriously call these cranberries and food we normally give to birds ‘super foods’. Right? That’s something ‘the green women’ thought too. People comment different on the article. Some say yes, I do eat super foods because they are good for you and some say, please just eat normal you don’t need all those health supplements.