Question 17. What is your most treasured memory?

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There’s a story about a man and women who participated in a science project. They entered a lab trough separate doors. Sat face to face and answered a series of very personal questions. After these questions they stared into each other’s eyes for four minutes. And yes, after six moths they got married.

The love game‘ another app that guarantees you to fall in love. Answer 36 questions from dr Aron, stare into each others eyes for four minutes and you’ll fall in love with each other.

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This all sounds amazing but how does it work? Is there a study? Dr Aron runs the Interpersonal Relationships Lab at Stony Brook University. Love and all other human intimacy fascinates him. What causes people to fall in and out of love and how do you form other deep relationships? Okay, Dr Aron is a real scientist. And I believe those questions came from a study but what do all these apps tell us? Tinder, glimps, all online dating sites. Is it that important for everybody to find a perfect match? With tinder, and even Facebook and Instagram you’re able to not only find love in your neighbourhood but also on the other site of your country. Or abroad of course. You have literally the entire world to choose from.  And now, with these questions you are able to make everyone fall in love with you?

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But, luckily! You can also use this app with your friends. It takes a friendship to a whole new and more deep level. So, let’s play a game next weekend.



Flight safety with santa, memes and cats

Well, they have my attention now!




Happy plants

Plants, they look and smell great in your home. But, together with loads of other people, I’m terrible in keeping them alive. Lucky for me, there’s a designer from Amsterdam called Daniel Sutjahjo. He made it possible to keep living plants alive without giving that water!



The website kickstarter showed this idea and so far it already raised €38000 of €80000. Looks like lot’s of people want a happy plant in their living room. Imagine, you can also do this with your herbs like parsley and thyme.


Tattoos changed, not the story behind them


When I was little I told my mom and dad I wanted a tattoo. My favourite ones were the ones around your bellybutton .. I think I was 8 years old so of course I wasn’t allowed to get one. I was truly upset because I thought I would love it forever.


These days, I think tattoo’s are more and more a form of art. They added so many different styles and technics, I mean look at the picture above, yes it looks a little bit like a bruise but it does look artistic. And think about those 3d tattoos. Mind bowing, sometimes it looks like you can see literally trough someones skin. I’d like to think tattoos are a way of expressing yourself and a certain style. Especially in the ‘creative world’, you need to show you are different and what better way than doing this by getting yourself a colourful sleeve. Unfortunately, you are not alone anymore with a full painted body. That’s a development I’ve also noticed. You’re almost more special with a clean body. Funny thing, that’s my parents recently argument, no Jasmijn, everybody has a tattoo, you’re more special without ..

I think I kind of lost my opinion. I love them, sometimes I’m jealous when I see a beautiful girl with a beautiful tattoo. But I also have this feeling no just no. It looks beautiful on pictures, yes! But what when the lights are out, you’re not wearing that perfect t shirt and you just go do your grocery shopping in a ‘sloppy’ outfit.

Then I saw this video ..


People, who could be my grand parents with their own story behind their tattoo. Some stories are beautiful some stories showed it was just for fun. But they all showed the same mode of thought. Why not? I wanted a tattoo my husband didn’t, well now he can’t see it anymore so why not?

It made me think, did tattoos change and do I like them more because of that? Or do I only like it when there’s a good story behind them?

I think tattoo’s changed, not the story behind them.





I love initiatives like this! Lena, born out of a concern for our clothing consumption. According to Suzanne Smulders, co-founder of Lena, in Holland we throw away 240 million kilos of clothes every year. Lena works like a library. You borrow an item, you keep it for five days and you return it. The website says the borrowers have access to a high quality collection and they can swap and share as much clothes as they want to. I know there are more initiatives like this. Even students from my studie started an initiative like this. People attached a story to an item, for example, I wore this dress on my first date with my husband . It depended on the story which clothes you were allowed to swap!

I think we need more shops like this. Let’s not throw away 240 kilos of clothes every year. Imagine how many friends love that one t shirt while you are totally sick of it. Swap! Give your t shirt and get one back you like!





When do we get this in the Netherlands?


Last Monday it was kings day! Meaning lots of fun, food, drinks, music and drunk people. It also means lots of people who need a toilet. I think I saw at least 15 ‘male parts’ because everyone was peeing everywhere. No toilet around? Let’s do it on the street so everybody can watch. And please, try not to laugh because they will play with it when you do ..

When is the water resistance wall coming to the Netherlands? Let’s spray it on everything!


Length, weight, body type, send

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.40.58 AMYoutube

Ordering your clothes online is great. It isn’t that great for all the offline stores and all the city centres that used to be full with people and all different kind of stores. That’s probably why lot’s of people still want to try the clothes in the stores and then buy them online. Going to the store to get the right size is history as well because there’s now an app who helps you get clothes perfect for your body type and tells you what size you really are. The app called ‘Fitbay‘ is easy to use. You make your own account, you fill in your length, weight and body type and you get all the clothes suggestions you need based on people with the exact same body. You’re able to send each other pictures, this way you know what size of each brand you look best in. In the end they want to make a ‘photo book’ with all clothes available online. Which is very handy and clever!


My baby has alzheimer, yours?



Having a baby must be super exciting. The feeling something is growing inside you must be mind blowing. You start fantasising what the baby will look like, are you getting a boy or a girl? Is he or she a real rocket scientist or an artist who makes paintings known all over the world? It sounds like an exciting time but also a scary one. What about health and the state of mind ..

It’s already possible to get a good check of you child’s health when your baby is just born. Lot’s of diseases are can be discovered so early in their lives that some of them can be controlled and easy to live with. But now, thanks to all scientific developments it will be possible to predict your child’s health. Big question is, do we really want that?

Scientist now are able to give a full report of someone genome. The genome is a description for all of the DNA that is in a living organism. They bring out the full genome of people who are suffering diseases and they try to find out which genetic factors might be the cause. Or they try to find out why some people got really really old and stayed healthy. Of course this is quite expensive but they think this will change in the near future. In a few years it’s about 900 euro’s to get a full image of the genome of your new born child.

I think it’s great some diseases can be discovered early in life. However, some of them aren’t necessary to know when you’re just a baby I think. Scary thing, they can also ‘see’ some of your characteristics. As a parent knowing you get a child who can’t concentrate or is really shy. You give your child probably an other education and that’s really wrong. I think. A child should discover who he or she is. It shouldn’t be told to you form a test.

Curious what this means for me and my children in the future. Do I already know them when they aren’t born yet? What will time and money give us?


What would you choose?


We live in a world where you can buy haute couture for 2,99. Maybe I have to say “haute couture”, because we all know those clothes for 2,99 are literally gone after two times in a washing machine. On the other hand, clothes that are more expensive stay with you a lifetime. Sometimes, when I get bored I go shopping. I want to go out that night and I just want a new t shirt. I don’t want to spend lots of money because I’m a student and I just want a simple shirt. When I take a good look in my closet I count at least 25 t shirts between 5 and 15 euro’s. I don’t wear them anymore because they are ‘out of fashion’, got ugly after a few weeks or I didn’t even knew I had them anymore because there are so many ..

Why not spend money on 5 good items.  Items I would still wear today. 5 items that are not made by poor people somewhere in the world who work 16 hours a day for a few cents each hour. I discussed this with my mom and she said, you are totally right, but are you sure other brands are honest about how their clothes are made? And by who?
No, I guess not. But we have to start somewhere! Maybe make my own clothes or go to really really green and organic shops? No I’m kidding, there are plenty enough shops where you can buy good and honest clothes. And they are really trendy right now. But why are there still so many people who just don’t give a sh*t?

Let’s stop shopping for 2 euro items, save money and buy one special item each month.

What would you do? Buy the t shirt or donate the money?


Please don’t be vegan, please don’t be vegan, please don’t be vegan

Jamie Foxx sings tinder profiles. When you’re planning to go on Glimps, maybe take a look and decide what definitely nót to sing.